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Thank you so much for taking part in our 2023 – 2024 Annual Repurposed DooDad Sculpture  Public Choice Competition!  Results are being tabulated and will be announced soon!  If you haven’t seen them all already, please visit our gallery below to see all of the amazing videos!

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Title: Vacuum of the Ocean
Author: Dana Warner
Votes: 105

Category: 6-8
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Description: Vacuum of the Ocean Nurse sharks, or ginglymostoma cirratum, are a peaceful species of sharks which are native to our Florida waters, and can be found in coral reefs near our beautiful sandy beaches. They are a large part of our ecosystem by being our oceans’ personal Roomba. Humans have disturbed their kind by not only throwing trash into their homes, but cutting their fins off and then throwing their defenseless bodies back into the ocean like chum! You can do something about this by joining organizations that set out to help and to properly take care of the wildlife that’s crucial to not only nurse sharks or other sea life, but the beautiful rarity of the world we live in. Shea Biddles, Gabriela Duran, & Novak Linkous Rampello K-8 Middle School