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Title: Ken the Jellyfish
Author: Dana Warner
Votes: 4

Category: 6-8
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Description: I chose to do my sculpture on the blue button jellyfish because of it's great color and cute size. This jellyfish has many different names like blue button and Porpita porpita. Blue button jellyfish actually aren't deadly to humans but can harm you by causing skin irritation with their tentacles. You can find them floating offshore of the Gulf of Mexico. For my blue button jellyfish I wanted to show many small jellyfish inside of it. I also added ribbon and beads as tentacles for a different look and texture. I made the jellyfish by cutting a blue water bottle jug and adding tissue paper for the colored jellyfish inside with many different colors. Then I hot glued it all together and added the beaded pearl necklaces at the top. I liked using these materials and making something fun and interesting.