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Thank you so much for taking part in our 2023 – 2024 Annual Repurposed DooDad Sculpture  Public Choice Competition!  Results are being tabulated and will be announced soon!  If you haven’t seen them all already, please visit our gallery below to see all of the amazing videos!

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Title: In The Mangroves
Author: Dana Warner
Votes: 15

Category: 6-8
Views: ?
Description: My sculpture is a manatee swimming around mangrove roots. I used ribbon for the river floor, plastic bottle and containers for the manatee body, and a bottle for the mangrove trunk. I twisted plastic grocery bags for the roots of the mangrove. Building with these materials has really got me thinking what else I can use for art. This project was challenging because not everything went according to plan but it helped me be a better problem solver in art.