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Title: Fang the Florida Wild Pig
Author: Dana Warner
Votes: 21

Category: 6-8
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Description: Hi guys! I’m Noah. I've made an assemblage sculpture of a Florida Pig or Boar using recycled materials. I chose a boar because it would be like and animal to take to battle for me and it also resembles my favorite character from Ninja Turtles. The name of the animal is wild boar which also is a pig and/or a hog or feral pig. They have resident populations in Florida and have existed here in Florida for hundreds of years. I made the boar out of a big jug which resembled the muscular body of the boar. Then I found a bottle to resemble the nose. I then used tin foil to make the tusks which is an important part of the boar. I then coated the boar with brown paint and used ribbon scraps for the hide. I used the tops of bottles for feet and legs and covered those with brown paint as well. What I learned about using these plastic bottles and fabric from ribbons is that so many things could be made useful if you just use your creativity. I gave these old plastic bottles a new life and kept them out of the landfill.