Florida Native Flora and Fauna Doodad Competition 2023
Florida Native Flora and Fauna Doodad Competition 2023

How much do you know about our wonderful state?

Welcome to the sunny state of Florida, where vibrant nature thrives! Let’s explore the amazing flora and fauna that call this place home.

FLORA: Florida boasts a diverse range of plant life, thanks to its warm and humid climate. One of the iconic plants you’ll find here is the beautiful orange blossom. These fragrant flowers grow on orange trees and are famous for their sweet scent. Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” because of its abundant sunshine, which helps plants like palms, hibiscus, and bougainvillea flourish.

Everglades National Park, a unique ecosystem in Florida, is home to the sawgrass. This tall grass grows in wetlands and plays a vital role in the Everglades’ delicate balance. Mangrove trees, with their unique roots that stretch out into the water, can also be found in Florida’s coastal areas. These trees provide shelter to many aquatic animals and help protect the coastline from storms.

FAUNA: Florida is a haven for diverse wildlife, both on land and in its waters. In the Everglades, you can encounter the American alligator, a reptile that’s been around since the time of the dinosaurs! These large, powerful creatures are fascinating to observe, but remember to keep a safe distance.

The state is also famous for its birdlife. The strikingly pink roseate spoonbill, the elegant great blue heron, and the colorful painted bunting are just a few of the many bird species you might spot in Florida. Some birds, like the sandhill crane, even perform elaborate dances during courtship!

When you venture near Florida’s coastline, you’ll discover incredible marine life. Dolphins gracefully swim in the waves, while sea turtles make their nests on the sandy beaches. Manatees, often called “sea cows,” are gentle herbivores that can be found in the state’s warm waters. These gentle giants are a delight to see up close.

Remember, Florida’s flora and fauna are precious and should be respected and protected. Whether you’re exploring the forests, observing the wetlands, or strolling along the beaches, take time to appreciate the natural wonders that make Florida such a remarkable place!



From the Florida Panther in the Everglades to a squirrel in your back yard, there are many native mammals in our wonderful state.



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Florida is home to a diverse array of native bird species, thanks to its unique blend of habitats, from wetlands to forests and coastal areas. These feathered residents include iconic species like the American flamingo and the Florida scrub-jay, making the state a birdwatcher’s paradise

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