2021 9th Annual Repurposed Doodad Competition

  • DOODAD: Cereal Boxes & Paper Towel Tubes
  • THEME: Bees & Trees
  • GUIDELINES: Click HERE to download
  • Honeybees alone pollinate at least one-third of our global food supply and directly impact approximately $16 billions worth of crops in the U.S. Some crops depend almost entirely on honeybee pollination, such as almonds, blueberries, and cherries. Across North America and Europe, more than 20,000 types of bees and other pollinators suffer dramatic species loss due to habitat loss from the use of pesticides and the climate crisis. 
  • Therefore, this year’ Doodad theme, “Bees & Trees,” will encourage parents, teachers, and students to research how important pollinators are to our ecosystem and food supply, how human activity adversely affects them, and what actions can be taken to provide pollinator habitat.
  • As the Repurposed Doodad Sculpture Competition does every year, students are challenged to reuse unconventional art materials in order to respond to the theme using creative problem-solving. This year’s material is paper board packaging, such as cereal boxes and paper towel tubes. We can’t wait to see how the sculptural possibilities of this material inspire students to visually represent what they have learned about the “Bees & Trees” theme!
  •  Students attending elementary, middle, and high schools located within Hillsborough County’s public, charter, private, and home schools are eligible to submit entries. The all-volunteer Doodad Committee, a segment of nonprofit Tampa Regional Artists, collaborates with local organizations and generous sponsors in order to organize this annual competition. A panel of judges from the community will select sculptures from each grade category for monetary awards based on originality, unique use of the repurposed Doodad material, and adherence to the theme and guidelines.
  • For updates, periodically check back and follow us on Facebook @AnnualDoodadCompetition.


Feedback about 2020 Competition 

“Thank you for putting on this program! For my homeschool kids, it fulfills a whole semester of art education (not to mention the excitement!) that we otherwise wouldn’t have. We’ve been very impressed by how engaged and invested everyone is that we have met through DooDad. From the people there at drop off etc. the last two years. Thank you again for your commitment!” — Tonya Ledford, homeschool parent, 3/31/2020

“Thank you so much for doing this competition. It taught our children some important lessons about the needs of others and about how many bags and wrappers that are thrown away. It was an eye opener as we were collecting them for our projects too.” — Kimberly Johnson, homeschool parent, 3/31/2020

“You didn’t allow this virus to ruin your mission. I love the way the competition was handled so that our students could still shine! We had a great time as well, and look forward to participating next year. Thank you all!”– Debonique Grigsby, art teacher at Grady Elementary, 3/31/2020

“Doodad is indeed life changing. You all at Doodad run it beautifully. Thank you!” — Cindy Green, homeschool parent, 3/31/2020

“Thanks for all you’ve done and are doing. I think it’s an amazing event/experience, and all the kids have worked so hard. You have gone above and beyond to make this a positive experience for all involved. I hope you’re able to keep organizing the Doodad competitions. They’re such a wonderful opportunity.” — Nicole Humphreys, homeschool parent, 3/31/2020


Be a 2021 Sponsor!

We’re always looking for sponsors to help support this exhibition. Contact us today! doodadoftampa@gmail.com

  • Presenting – $3000
  • Platinum – $2500
  • People’s Choice Awards – $2,500
  • Gold – $1000
  • Silver – $500
  • Bronze – $250
  • In-Kind – various
  • Warren Elly Award for Outstanding Art Educator – $500
  • Support of Title I School Involvement by providing art supplies – $300 per school

Click HERE to view the 2020 Doodad Catalog!

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