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Thank you so much for taking part in our 2023 – 2024 Annual Repurposed DooDad Sculpture  Public Choice Competition!  Results are being tabulated and will be announced soon!  If you haven’t seen them all already, please visit our gallery below to see all of the amazing videos!

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Title: Spoonbills In The Mangroves
Author: Dana Warner
Votes: 80

Category: 3-5
Views: ?
Description: Our sculpture shows the three roseate spoonbills living in the red mangrove. We chose birds first because we wanted something pretty and different that lives in Florida. We research about where they lived, and we found out that the red mangroves have propped root systems so we made sure our trees hang above the water. We learned that everything could be used for art, like the tops of waterbottles and to be mindful of what we throw away because it could be used for another purpose like this entire mangrove and spoonbill birds. We used plastic bottles and we cut them out and painting them orange for the flowers. We used paper mache for the birds and fair ribbons for the feathers. We added construction paper or markers for the details in the eyes. We used paper mache for the trees covering real sticks from outside and recycled painted paper for the leaves. Our base is a recycled box and then we used gasparilla beads for the mangrove water.